Apr 16, 2017

Radio Free Europe, Amra Zejleni

Kako je muzika spojila mlade sa severa i juga Mitrovice

"Dobro je što su bendovi pomešani, što su mladi i sa severne i sa južne strane. Upoznala sam nove ljude i družimo se. Osim muzike, najvažnije nam je i druženje"

Aug 29, 2017

Deutschlandfunk, Rayna Breuer

Wenn der Krieg trennt und die Musik verbindet

"Der Fluß Ibar trennt die kosovarische Stadt Mitrovica in einen serbischsprachigen Norden und einen albanischsprachigen Süden. Wer in den anderen Teil will, braucht auch Jahre nach Kriegsende einen guten Grund. Für die Band "Proximity Mine" heißt der: Musik." 

Sep 19, 2017

The Conversation, Samantha Dieckmann & Jane Davidson

Giving peace a chance? Music can drive us apart as much as it unites

"In modern-day Kosovo Musicians without Borders steer away from popular but divisive turbofolk, connecting youth in the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica through rock music."

Oct 16, 2017

UNMIK - United Nations Mission in Kosovo

Music Connecting Communities: The Story of Mitrovica’s Multiethnic Rock School

“I think it’s the purest and most sincere way to get people together – to create things.”

Nov 14, 2017

Balkan Diskurs, George Foden

Mitrovica Rock School – Sit Back and Enjoy the Music of Kosovo’s Rock City

"The fuzzy, metal-infused guitars and punk rock attitude of Proximity Mine stand for much more than just youthful attitude and rebellion."

Dec 03, 2017

Cowboys from Space

Tringa and Proximity Mine, music as a refuge from ethnic division

"We like to tell our stories through metaphors. People often ask if our lyrics are political or about the situation in Mitrovica but they aren’t: our music is our refuge from all of that."

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